BETHEL — Democratic state Rep. Raghib Allie-Brennan plans to seek a third term in the legislature as representative of the 2nd Assembly District.

Since being elected in 2018, Allie-Brennan says his commitment to serving has not wavered.

“We are living in difficult times — and the road ahead requires a representative and leader who is both tested and tireless, and I remain deeply committed to serving all residents,” he said.

With a tough road ahead and lots of work to be done, Allie-Brennan said he’s decided to run for re-election in November.

“We must continue the hard work of addressing the economic challenges people face in their daily lives and investing in our communities,” he said.

The 2nd Assembly District will look a little different as a result of recent changes to Connecticut’s voting district lines. Following the 2022 legislative election, the district will encompass larger portions of Bethel and Danbury, but lose Redding and Newtown.

“Nearly 70 percent of residents in the new 2nd District have already been my constituents under the current district lines, and I look forward to continuing my service representing them,” Allie-Brennan said.

He said he also looks forward to earning the support of new constituents as he campaigns for re-election across Bethel and Danbury.

During his time as state representative, Allie-Brennan said he’s not only become knowledgeable of the issues that matter to constituents, but has taken their concerns to Hartford and worked to effectuate change through “accessible, transparent, and effective leadership.”

“I work hard to listen to the people I represent and build consensus around policies that address the challenges they face, like affordable access to health care and supporting our small businesses,” he said.”

Allie-Brennan said he’s worked with fellow Democrats, but has also “worked across the aisle and stood up to Democratic leadership on issues such as tolls, affordable housing, criminal justice reforms and emergency powers.”

“My commitment is to the wellbeing of my constituents,” he said.

Through his work with fellow legislators and the governor’s office, Allie-Brennan said he’s been able to deliver “real results,” such as helping to reduce the long-term unfunded pension debt and ease the financial burden on working families.

Allie-Brennan said he’s also leading a bipartisan effort to combat the opioid epidemic and has “helped return millions in state dollars directly to the people of the 2nd District.”