Dear Editors:

My daughter Hannah, a high school student, is an active and engaged young woman, and, as a future voter, she wanted to make sure her concerns are being heard by our state legislature. She recently reached out to our state rep, Raghib Allie-Brennan, to explain how important it is to provide free menstrual products to Connecticut’s students.

Raghib listened carefully to her concerns and then co-sponsored a bill to provide menstrual products in Connecticut schools. The bill was thoughtful and balanced, and allowed boards of education to use grants, donations, and partnerships with community organizations to help out. The law passed this year.

I am very proud of my daughter’s work on this, and I am very happy that Raghib showed her how passionate civic engagement can make a difference. We can work together to accomplish things, and I plan to vote for Raghib in November so he can continue the good work.


Allison Stowell

Taylor Rd