March 13, 2018

Connecticut’s special transportation fund will start running a deficit in 2019. The bottom line is that it is up to the legislature to address transportation funding. This funding crisis has been years in the making. All we heard at the March 5th Danbury Transportation Forum were legislators passing the buck to the Commissioner, complaining about past mistakes, and failing to take responsibility for helping chart a path forward.

The state has done a poor job of investing in a long-term plan for transportation. We need to start planning with the future in mind, not just in the biennium. There needs to be a serious bipartisan conversation over where that funding comes from, what it looks like and where it goes. And we need fresh perspectives to help look at the problem differently.
As state representative, I will support all efforts to ensure transportation funds are used to invest wisely and efficiently in transportation. I will also prioritize improvements to our existing infrastructure before we spend money on new projects.

Finally, CTDOT should be more transparent in sharing data and more collaborative in working with the community to develop solutions. The public should be an equal partner in these efforts, aware of the full extent of the situation, and engaged in the development of solutions from the very beginning. The public shouldn’t be brought in to simply react to policy decisions that have already been made.