“Now is the time for new voices, new perspectives and new ideas in Hartford.”

Top Priorities:


A strong Connecticut is rooted in a stronger economy that works for ALL. I will fight for a progressive economy where everyone has access to a well paying job and the chance at a good life for themselves and their families.

I’m running to be your State Representative because I want to see our community prosper and bring a voice back to the people. Our Legislature has failed to address our state’s budget crisis. And, more importantly, our district has not even had a seat at the table in Hartford. We need to establish an economic environment that encourages job growth, increases opportunities, and brings businesses back to Connecticut.


I have the professional experience and the small-business values to push for greater investment in hometown businesses. I have worked with Connecticut business owners to help them grow their companies by securing grants and loans from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development. As the son of an immigrant Connecticut small business owner I learned at an early age the values of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

  • I will work to protect small businesses and increase state support for small and minority-owned businesses.
  • I will fight for a budget that spends wisely and brings money back from Hartford to keep our area affordable.
  • I will work to expand workforce training opportunities (e.g., technical and vocational schools).
  • I’ll fight for a livable wage and for equality in the workplace. Greater workplace diversity is a competitive business advantage.



As a proud Wildcat and graduate of Bethel Public Schools, I am a product of the public education that is the beating heart of Connecticut. Our educators are the unsung heroes who rarely receive the recognition or support they deserve.

  • I will work to ensure adequate funding for our public schools and universities.
  • I will fight to update our outdated and broken school  funding formula.
  • I will support legislative measures to make sure that our high school students graduate prepared for their next steps, whether in college, other education and training programs, or the workplace – especially in our biotech and energy fields.
  • I will promote partnerships between the business and education communities.
  • Taxpayers deserve accountability for their tax dollars, and I will work to see that education funding is efficient, transparent, and fair.

Energy Efficiency

Connecticut residents pay some of the highest energy costs in the nation. That affordability gap will only grow with new cuts to state and federal funding, and tariffs placed on renewable energy products manufactured overseas.

Connecticut is the home of the nation’s first full-scale green bank, which is leading the clean energy finance movement by leveraging public and private funds to scale-up renewable energy deployment and energy efficiency. Our community is uniquely situated to help lead the charge on the issues of energy efficiency and affordability. We must modernize our electrical grid and work together with other New England states that benefit from our power to limit rising energy costs.

  • By increasing energy efficiency, we will save taxpayer dollars and create a sustainable community from which future generations will benefit.
  • I will advocate for Danbury’s fuel cell industry, which has contributed to our economy in the 2nd District and across the state.
  • I will oppose any efforts to gut funding to the Connecticut Green Bank.
  • I will encourage renewable energy manufacturers to expand in Connecticut and open new facilities.
  • You can count on me to be a vigorous defender of our public lands and I will do everything possible to preserve and protect our state’s most beautiful environments.
  • I will work to expand the use of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency, which will help improve our environment while creating new, green jobs.



I will work with stakeholders—both Democrats and Republicans—to make sure our seniors can maintain the high quality standard of living they deserve.

  • I am committed to providing our senior population with the assistance and support they need to remain here in the 2nd District to enjoy the communities they helped to build.
  • Our seniors have already made a lifetime of tax payments in support of our towns. They should not have to bear the brunt of cuts in government services and assistance. I will help make sure that senior programs aren’t threatened by budget cuts.


  • Eliminate the tax on Social Security.
  • I will fight to freeze property taxes for seniors and to preserve Medicare and Medicaid funding.
  • I support fuel assistance for seniors who need the help during the cold winter months.


Deteriorating infrastructure is a national crisis and, unfortunately, Connecticut is no exception to that alarming trend. Whenever I get on I-84, I prepare for the worst. There is no reason we should spend so much time sitting in unbearable traffic just to get from point A to point B, especially when heading to work. We need efficient and effective transportation improvements.

  • I will prioritize public transportation. Seniors depend on it, young people depend on it, our commuters depend on it, and it’s our best chance of dealing with the congestion problems that will only get worse.
  • I will advocate for critical improvements to the Danbury Branch Line, to respond to commuters’ current needs and future demands.
  • I will support a “lockbox” to ensure transportation funds are not diverted for other purposes.

Opioid Crisis

I will continue my efforts to raise awareness about this deadly epidemic so we can make our communities safer and help people suffering from addiction. Comprehensive drug education in schools, sterile needle exchanges, and increasing access to life-saving medications like Naloxone, better known as Narcan, will help to prevent overdoses from turning into fatalities. We need to prioritize diversion programs, rehabilitation, and education to break the cycle of drug abuse.

  • I will support a program to incentivize business owners to hire recovering addicts and give them a way to provide for themselves.
  • I will spearhead the creation of a Joint Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction to help address the drug abuse, addiction and drug-related crimes in Connecticut.
  • I will hold community round tables on the issue in every town I serve to ensure that we are addressing the problem from the ground up by fostering communication between law enforcement, community leaders, and community organizations.


Despite all the advances toward equality we have made as a nation, discrimination is still prevalent in our society. Every day, Connecticut residents face discrimination based on gender identity, race, religion, sexuality and more. This discrimination manifests in unequal housing costs and limited job opportunities. It is our responsibility to ensure that all Connecticut residents have equal access to all of the benefits and opportunities that come from living in our great state.

  • I will work to protect the civil rights of everyone no matter their race, gender, religion, country of origin, age, or sexual orientation.
  • I will protect the right of women to make their own reproductive and healthcare decisions and advocate for improvements to sexual harassment policies.
  • I will fight against laws that discriminate against anyone.


Connecticut is home to almost 400,000 Connecticut veterans. Many of our friends and family members have dedicated their lives to serving our country as members of the military. I have incredible respect for anyone who is currently serving, has served in the past, or is planning to serve in the future.

  • I will work for our veterans to ensure that they are receiving the medical and mental health assistance that they need and have earned.
  • This means holding our Veteran support offices and facilities accountable for their actions while also promoting efficient and effective care.

Gun Violence Prevention

As the site of one of the most tragic events in American history, residents of Connecticut and, specifically, the 2nd District, have a unique understanding of the horrific impact of gun violence. I am committed to protecting our families and children by defending Connecticut’s sensible existing gun safety laws.